dimanche 20 avril 2014

Sophie - Completed !

Hello to all , Sophie is completed , acrylic pait as always resin model 1/9 Scale .
Thank you for watching 
Next Work -A touch of Ice from Louis Royo Paint.

samedi 19 avril 2014

Sophie ! - Step by step . 4 / 5 . On progress .

Hello to all , progression of Sophie very long work this time , more details and very
little parts …. Ok the new pics of progression , I just put a portion of the nails that she has on her bracelets, I i the take cure teeth peaks as impossible to put the original given the quality, finally this advance :)
Thank you for watching .

jeudi 17 avril 2014

Sophie ! - Step by step . 3 / 5 . On progress .

Hello to all progression of Sophie, you can already see his clothes leather red and details .
Another more work , more details , is slow work … More tomorrow ;)
Thank you for watching
In this image you can already see the table and a part of the final scene
Red leather finish will be made a lacquer to make the brilliant.
If you attention to the base of the figurine, I used a technique to make the ground more horror look, i use black and withe and yellow fluorescent ;)

mercredi 16 avril 2014

Sophie ! - Step by step - on progress .

Hello to all , just little progression of Sophie more pics tonight .
First touch of paint on face more tomorrow .

mardi 15 avril 2014

Sophie ! - Step by step - on progress .

Hello to all the new work Sophie ! Pegaso model resin , The figurine has been assembled for pictures but not pasted, first touches of color. Attention last image for adult !
For the imperfections of the resin, as on the buttocks I apply a special color that fills the cracks
To follow
Thank you for watching .
 For Adult eyes !
Greetings for my friends to TMP :)

lundi 14 avril 2014

Malefic ! Completed .

Hello to all the Malefic is completed , the cape and other retouch is finished .
Thank you for watching .

dimanche 13 avril 2014

Vacation in Italy . Wip - Soon .

Hello to all, this is a project that I keep in my head for a long time, vacation in Italy. It is a small diorama in an old street in Italy or is an old rusty Vespa.
I just started the first strokes on rust, a tag will be also made on the facade of the House. Follow.

jeudi 10 avril 2014

Or is passed the dragon? COMPLETED !

Hell to all The work is completed ! Acrylic paint as always .
Scale 54 mm , withe metal and dragon on resin .
Thank you for watching .

Next week ! WIP .

Next week on figurine passion !
Sophie !