vendredi 24 octobre 2014

Sinbad - Completed !

Sinbad - Completed !
Hello to hall Sinbad is completed , acrylic paint , tranformation of base with plaster and plant . Monarch model kit 1/8 Scale .
Thank you for watching . Cheers .
Next model Selene to Underworld  .

WIP - Simbad and the golden voyage .

Hello to hall , new characters and diorama . Simbad !
On progress more soon
Cheers .

dimanche 19 octobre 2014

Anurati in the temple - Completed !

Hello to hall . Anurati in the temple . Completed !
Acrylic paint , hall hand made base , resin kit 1/12 ( Solarwind)
Thank you for watching . Cheers .

mercredi 15 octobre 2014

Some works and news .

Hello to all, progression of Anurati surely will be completed this weekend. The next work of the month ofNovember will be Medusa who will integrate into the diorama from Simbad.
 I  would already like to remind you as every year Christmas contest will be with figures to win. More soon ;) .

The Witch 75mm - Completed .

The Witch 75mm - Completed .
Hello to hall my last work .
Commission for KaYo Miniatures 75mm resin , acrylic paint .

mardi 14 octobre 2014

Muggy and the dragon . Completed .

Hello to all I commend this post for those who do not follow me on Facebook or who do not have Facebook.
A commission that is a party in Australia. Acrylic as always.

Wip -Anurati in the temple - Progression .

Wip -Anurati in the temple - Progression .First touch of pastels

For the little story :The meaning of Anurati in English - consent 

Cheers .
First touch of paint on face .

lundi 13 octobre 2014

Wip -Anurati in the temple - Progression .

Progression of the base, I added the plants , for the green of the grass finish to input to the fuzzy yellow for light effect. I retouched end of stones so that the seal comes out more. Finally I lacquered the diorama for effect of moisture in this Indian temple in ruins. The girl happens .
First images of Anurati ;)

jeudi 9 octobre 2014

October Wip - Anurati in the temple .

October Wip -Anurati in the temple .

Hello to hall This is a moment that I have this project in my head.
I I was missing only the figurine but I just find it. For this WIP a realized Indian base has the hand as always with plaster and polystyrene. The work of painting will be based on the beauty of the face of the girl, and I'll take for model Priyanka Chopra, Indian singer and actress.
Still in progress but it advances, Simbad, Selene and Tharja.
More soon . Cheers .

 First touch of paint of base