lundi 1 septembre 2014

WIP - Daryl from The walking dead - on progress .

Hello to all i'm back . This is my new project Daryl Dixon , from the series The walking dead .
Here first touch of paint , more soon .

I add to my friends who also follow my design here is my last Pug, with one small step by step.
Thank you for watching . Cheers .
 Final work .

samedi 23 août 2014

News from Captain .

A bit of news from the captainI'm on vacation for two weeks, I will return next week
While holiday I want my wife and I to spend our 25 years of wedding .
As you know even on holiday I still never quiet, always I comb or draw, I took the opportunity to buy pencils color, and this is a small drawing that I did.
It is a small gift for the boss of the hotel ;)  .

I found you in a week with new figures, and as they say here Aloah .

Vincent ;)

dimanche 17 août 2014

Diving Belle - Completed .

Hello to all my last work , Diving Belle, acrylic paint and pastels as always .
Thank you for watching . Cheers .

vendredi 15 août 2014

How to paint the copper .

Colors acrylic always .

1-Paint black all scuba
2-Mix gold and Browns attention very liquid and transparent color
I give a first layer and I will return with a cloud of drank umber to darken .
3- I add the gilding on the Golden parts , always very liquid 

4 - I add blue for the oxidation of copper .
Tips of the day !  For your blue more luster , add a fuzzy yellow tip has your color 
First image the final work .

dimanche 10 août 2014

How to make a scary base .

How to make a scary base Step 1 / 2 .
Strange basis, in addition I have already seen it somewhere me some say …..
Ok the base i use polystyrene and pyro cut , step one i draw the tombs . Step 2 definition the ground with Pyro Cut , Hey !! nice hand LOL  . Step 3 I prepare vegetation with epoxy . Step 4 powder of wood and withe glue . Final work (Image ) the firs step of Base just a little touch of paint .
But why the captain makes this base? Will it be a character?

Many people are applications what is the character that will go overboard.
Here, the latest images Vampirella, the base still has a base with skulls, labour in September has follow 

NB ; This basis is 1/6 scale, but you can do a all sizes you want.
Cheers .

mardi 5 août 2014

Abbadon - Tree Fairy . - Completed .

Abbadon - Tree Fairy . - Completed . 

Hello to all work is completed , acrylic paint and pastels as always .
I don't have use the transparent wings , I made myself wings, they normally three tones has the airbrush, but it goes not well on the picture …. I add one final image on a white background, to better see. Cheers .

dimanche 3 août 2014

Lady blood - Completed .

Hello to all my last work , Lady blood .
Solarwind model , acrylic paint and pastels as always .
Thank you for watching .
Just for fun .

mardi 29 juillet 2014

Tips of the day ! Hello to all my way to give a marble effect .

Tips of the day !

Hello to all my way to give a marble effect.

Quick and simple 1 Base. 2. the given brush paint and a sponge. 3 first touches of color. 4. I added a green tone more claire.5 I start white veins. 6 final work.

Based to give an effect of gloss, two layers of lacquer for hair.